Online Writing Courses Can Teach You How To Make Money Writing

Online Writing Courses Can Teach You How To Make Money Writing

“How much money can I make as a freelance writer?”

There is money to be made all around you as a freelance writer. Magazine article writing, Work for hire projects, Speech writing, Copy writing, Teaching writing, Writing books, the list goes on and on. The question should be, “How can ‘I’ make money as a freelance writer?” out by assessing your current skills and interests as a writer. Look around. What do you know? Do you have a skill as a writer that would be useful to others? Is there a topic that you could write about and publish as an e-book on the internet? Do you have writing skills that local businesses could use? Is there some aspect of writing that you could teach others?

Don’t limit yourself to one source of income. One of the biggest obstacles that I see when people are learning how to be a freelance writer is that they often only consider one avenue for income. They often think that the only way to make money is by having a book published. Nothing could be further from the truth.

One full time writer that I know has several books published. She receives royalty checks for those books and receives advances on new books that she is writing. Even so, about half of her annual income comes from editing other people’s work and doing write-for-hire projects for local businesses.

Even successful, published authors have multiple sources of income.

Sit down today and make a list of all of the ways that you could make money with your writing. Once you’ve completed the list, take a look at some of the online writing courses being offered that could help you to hone your skills as a writer or learn the business side of things. Find some courses that can help you fill gaps in your skills or understanding.

Invest in yourself then take some action toward getting some work as a writer. The sky’s the limit as to how much money you can make as a freelance writer.